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Save the World: One Step at a Time. By taking simple steps we can save the world and provide a better, cleaner environment for future generations. We need to start from the basics and understand how electricity is produced and what impact it has on our planet. Most electricity generation is driven by heat engines. The combustion of fossil fuels supplies most of the heat to these engines. 

The burning of coal, natural gas and oil in power plants using gas turbines or heat engines produces heat which, when combined with steam, generates electricity.

Fossil Fuels are non-renewable resources, they take millions of years to form and our reserves are depleting faster than new ones can be created. Burning fossil fuels produce over 20 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide every year which is released into the air. Carbon Dioxide contributes to global warming, causing the average surface temperature to rise.

The more people that begin using Green Energy over Fossil Fuels, the better positioning we will be in for our environment’s future. Just Energy provides Green Products specifically for the betterment of Earth’s quality. Taking little steps drive initiatives; such as, choosing the right product for your home.

After you understand how your everyday activity reflects the world, you will be able to succeed in the creation of a better place to live. Recycling, cleaning your parks and keeping our oceans clean are all great examples of how one would conserve our environment.


Controlling the way you use energy can help you manage your energy costs. It’s as simple as that! Not to mention, improve overall comfort in your home while doing your part to protect the environment.

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The New SmartStat Thermostat actually pays attention to how you consume energy and figures out how you can save the most energy and money over time while managing your temperature when away from home.

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